Socks nudity

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socks nudity

1 Jun "It's harder for a dude there's the sock situation," said Clarke, who stars as Daenarys Targaryen. Of her own experiences filming dramatic scenes, she added: "Season one of Game of Thrones I just did it all. I got raped, I came out of the fire butt naked, fights, all of it. Advertisement - Continue Reading. 2 Jun GAME OF THRONES is full of nudity and Emilia Clarke has stripped off several times for the HBO series – but the actress admits it is harder for men. Speaking about her own nude scenes she said: "Season one of Game of Thrones. Emilia recently revealed that all she needed to. “New rule: no nudity in this room. Including socks.” “Socks?” He got the no nudity —not that he liked it. But what was the deal with socks? “Yes, socks. No stripping down to your socks and pretending you're not naked.” He cocked his head and tugged on the end of her pale ponytail. “It sounds like you've used these rules.


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