Smoking muscle

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smoking muscle

Here's my opinion on smoking and muscle growth. Muscles require nutrients and oxygen to repair, grow, and function. Muscles get these nutrients and oxygen from capillaries. When you smoke, as I understand, blood vessels constrict. Consctricting blood vessels don't deliver as much nutrients and oxygen. Besides the reduction of the muscle mass and strength, CS is associated to a higher risk of muscle pain. A survey performed on a large general population ( about subjects) showed, after adjustment for potential confounders, that current and ex smokers had higher risk than lifetime non. It is believed by many that smoking can help you lose fat. Is it a myth or there is some reality to this claim. One theory behind this is the fact that smoking is very much capable of killing hunger. Although, it is also anecdotal, but it can be a genuine argument. It is simple, the less hungry you feel, the less you would eat and less.


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