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11 Sep If you are a woman and haven't had sex for a while, you may be concerned that things have changed. Not with the act itself (don't worry the basics are still the same) but with your body and, in particular, your hymen. Online message boards are filled with concerned women who haven't had sex for several. 27 May Okay, a question has been asked amongst my friends, and no one seems to know the answer: What is the physiological purpose of the hymen? Dear Reader, . The physiological purpose of the hymen is one of the eternal mysteries of women's bodies. Although it doesn't seem to have a specific function. Dear Reader,. Thank you for writing in to SexInfo! We would urge you not to place too much importance on the concept of virginity or an intact hymen. Other than penile-vaginal intercourse, the hymen can tear from inserting tampons, masturbating, or participating in strenuous physical activities like gymnastics or horseback.

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Go to a qualified specialist. Anecdotal evidence from sleeping retro teensex a handful or so virgins, the ones that bleed weren't slashing their thigh.

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